Antarctic Medical Training 2012 
Antarctic Division 

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Remote Winter Expedition Medicine Course  July 2012

 Emergency Scenario training in Tasmanian Wilderness  Arm  River               

Surgical and Anaesthetic Experience August 2012  
  At  Cairns Private Hospital in Theatres for two weeks

Antarctic Medicine  September-October 2012

Antarctic Medicine Review          
Telemedicine: Use and limitation
Logistics, stock control
Systems for station supply and expiry dates
Clinical System: Training on system more like a UK clinical system than others seen in Australia.
Disaster and major Incident management: Based on UK (Manchester) Major Incident
Medical Management and Support and triage systems
Photobiology Including Vitamin D
Casualty Bag Kit (Thomas packs): Equipment and use of the bags and other kits used in outstations (hut)
Cold injury: Types and treatment

Waste Management:  Sharps and all waste as special environmental rules
Inventory Systems
Computer system for tracking
Drug and Alcohol Issues
Issues for stations and drug and alcohol  control
Station safety
Women’s health
Added problems of isolation and male environment

Advanced Surgical Skills: Skin procedures, sutures methods, diathermy
Flaps and grafting (use of cadavers)
Appendectomy Training including Cadaver surgical training

Aviation Medicine: Some aircraft are not pressurised.  Also some diving
Airfield Emergency: Procedures (Casey)
Antarctic Anaesthesia
Preferred systems drugs and equipment
Beneview (Monitorr)
New monitor can be linked to intranet
Anaesthetic machine Simple to work with above
Ulco Ventilator Ditto
Lab Diagnostic Kit: Those chosen as essential tests for ill patients
Piccolo Biochem: How to use and calibrate
QBC FBC: How to use and calibrate
Group and X match: Systems and training (walking whole blood bank)
Blood gases and others
Diathermy Kit: As used on stations
Stretchers and Splints: As used on stations
MIMMS: Accident training  

Radiation Safety: Radiation and medical radiation
Dental Radiography
Portable Equipment and digital kit
Radiology Training: X-ray machine and its reading
Sewage Testing: Outlfow biological mass and oxygen demand
Water testing: Quality control
ECG system and equipment: Various kit
Coagucheck the INR machine
Diagnostic Ultrasound: Particular machine training (link to intranet
Clinical photography: And related transmission
Clinical Imaging (PACS): PACS and clinical system.  X-ray reporting
Microbiology LAB : Gram staining, AFB staining, microscopy. Culture systems
Mental Health Workshop including CBT Training: Focusing on Cognitive Techniques for use at stations and Haematology lab work
FBC equipment, Blood films,
Invasive lines and giving sets
Arterial and CVP
Blood giving kits.  Infusion pumps and warmers
MRx Monitor Defib : Defib equipment
Manual Handling Posture at work as well as manual handling of goods and people
Quad Bike Training    Training on Quad bikes as used in Antarctica
Dental Course                                                                              
Melbourne Royal Dental  27th Sept– 5th October              
TMD and Mucosa
Denture repairs
Restorative dentistry
Oral Anatomy Local anaesthesia Extractions
Oral Surgery
Rubber Dam
Instrument processing and CSSD 
Primary Care service (Working on dental patients
Ortho bands
Primary care and root canals (working on dental patients)

Burns Course EMSB  6th October          
Diagnosis and management for 1st  24 hours
Practical and exam
Emergency management of severe Burns ANZ Burns Soc

Fire Training 8th-9th October             
Hobart International Airport

Physiotherapy Training 10-12 October  

Physiotherapy including splint making at different physio clinics in Hobart
Leadership workshop 19th  and 22nd October

Pre Departure Training 23-26th October    Kingston

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