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Updated blogs:
  1. New blogs will be here
  2. Falklands 2016
  3. Amateur Radio Antarctica and from Atlantic 2012-14
  4. Working in Tristan Da Cunha 2012
  5. Working Overseas while based in Australia
  6. Training for Antarctica
  1. Reducing internet traffic when using high cost narrow  connections: satellite, roaming. Increasing user's speed
  2. SoftetherVPN
Older blogs archived materials are below.  
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Archway Surgery Archive 
Archway Development and Consulting Ltd Archive
Provided consultancy services and applied work in the Health Service field.   
  1. Prison Health  (to 2008)
  2. Prison Documents 2008 being updated again from 2017
  3. Docorum Health and PBC Commissioning Archive to 2008
  4. Post Darzi Review:  Federated Practices for simplified NHS contracting
  5. Darzi Clinics and Polyclinics in Hemel Hempstead
  6. World Class Commissioning:  The edifice made up of  NHS management speak
  7. 120+ NHS Organisations Impacting on Primary Care prior to Coalition Government
  8. Archway: APMS contract for Pathfinder Practice with HMP The Mount 
  9. Practice Based Commissioning: G.P.s purchasing hospital care: it may not work
  10. Referral Management Systems: CAS and CATS  & Extreme Referral Management  before change in Government
  11. NHS IT programme Connecting for Health (NPfIT)  Now Defunct
  12. Archway Surgery Planning Permission & New Clinic Ideas: New G.P. Contract
  13. Royal College of GPs Patient Information Web Site
  14. Search this and NHS Sites
  15. GP Computer systems of CHOICE
Non-medical archive: 2008 and before 

Even Older Archive:   (old URLs should never die!)

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