Windows 10 Security Update KB 4545706 allowed NHS.NET to block access home devices.

Technical Issue for UK doctors working at home

Windows 10 Security Update KB 4545706 on home machines blocked access to directories on my home LAN. This was an NHS.NET imposition

Windows 10 Security Update KB 4545706 blocked connections to any device on my home LAN which had any guest access, with message “your organisation blocks unauthorised guest access. These policies help protect your PC from unsafe or malicious devices on you network”. Rubbish I thought, there is no organisation, I am me at home.

There was no solution on the internet. All was working fine before update, and the buttons in Network and Sharing had not been defaulted back. I log into my NAS drive with name and password, so it seems windows was detecting ANY guest access on the Networked drive (NAS) and blocked the device entirely in explorer but not to its SSH or its web interface.

I removed the update, and all working again but I was puzzled by the phrase “my organisation”, so went digging

I discovered on my Windows 10 machine under “access to work or school” NHS.NET was logged in. As I access the email service via a browser, it should never have done this; that is been set up as a workplace. I do not log into work systems or go onto any NHS LAN, so this “facility” was not needed.

It is possible the last Windows Security update has enabled the organisation, NHS.NET to impose its standards (no guest access on any device the LAN) onto my domestic machine. None of this documented. It explains the popup box reference to “your organisation” I have removed this “account” under access to work and school (some windows “feature” , default imposition I suspect), and I will see if the update on return blocks access to my WD My Cloud NAS. I can of course still use browser to access mail.

Beware, in the past after much prompting you may have logged into NHS.NET as an orgnaisation,( it is now under access to work or school). Remove it, it is not needed to access Using browser alone for NHS net is fine. Along the line, as a pop-up message on the right, windows 10 asked to log into your NHS account, at the time no warning what it meant. What that did is now very bad after the recent update. Go to “access work and school” and try and add a workplace, there are now dire warnings about how the workplace can take take control. I have never seen or used this area before, but I saw there I had been logged into NHS.NET as a workplace. The recent security update allowed to take control. In search glass type in “access to work and school” and make sure your account at is not logged in. It was on my machine. NHS net via browser still works.

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