This page is redundant now that the NHS publishes all G.P. results on line.  You can look up any practice including Archway on the following site  There the tables are in more detail and fully explained..

Report Year end March 2006 01-Apr-2006 05:34:53
Clinical Data Submission Date April 1st 2006 2006    Year 2005/6  1047 points
Non Clinical Data Submission Date March 24th 2006
Practice List Size Date January 1st 2006
Practice Identifier E82643

Domain Maximum Points Aspiration Points Current Achievement
Clinical 550 530.86 546.98
Organisational 184 181 184
Additional Services 36 36 36
Patient Experience 100 85 100
Holistic Care 100 94.13 100
Quality Practice 30 30 30
Access Bonus 50 50 50

Total 1050 838.6 1046.98

Clincal Data

Clinical Domain Maximum Points Aspiration Points Current Achievement
Coronary heart disease 101 100.11 101
Left ventricular dysfunction 20 20 20
Stroke and transient ischaemic attacks 31 28.01 29.6
Hypertension 105 104.78 105
Diabetes mellitus 99 95.59 97.38
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease 45 43.45 45
Epilepsy 16 15.15 16
Hypothyroidism 8 8 8
Cancer 12 12 12
Mental Health 41 36 41
Asthma 72 67.77 72
Rounding Errors
0 0

Organisational Domain Maximum Points Aspiration Points Current Achievement
Records 85 85 85
Patient Communication 8 8 8
Education and Training 29 26 29
Practice Management 20 20 20
Medicines Management 42 42 42
Rounding Errors
0 0
Total 184 181 184

Archway QOF score for 2005/6 now 1047

Archway Surgery's Quality and Outcomes Report 2004/5
QOF verification report here (all of 261Kb pdf file)

Archway Surgery has been operating a PMS contract, which had many features on the new GMS Contract We are following the nGMS contract quality indicators, replacing our original goals.

We have not had any difficulty exceeding the quality points we aspired to.  Much of the data required was already on our system. We have not had to employ more staff. Our repeat prescribing policy allows data to be collected without having to call patients up to special clinics to gather the information and assure good care.

We also have to thank our Clinical Software supplier, Microtest ( for providing us with the slickest and fastest clinical system.  We have used all the other major system at other practices and found them slow and very awkward for rapid data capture, and even slower at getting the data out.  Since G.P.s are now data clerks it is essential to have ergonomic systems such that we can enter details during consultations seamlessly, in an almost random manner (computer sorts it), without losing eye contact with the patient.  Microtest, currently a minority supplier, should have a prime position on all Local Service Providers on the new National IT Programme.  Now that G.P.s once again may have choice in suppliers, Microtest's systems should be looked at again.  

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