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Fundholders' Support Agency 1992-2000
Head Office
Head Office
This was the largest UK adminsitation service for G.P. Fundholding.

The circle comes round
  • Huge Data Set on Computer system
Fundholders' Support Agency was a company that provided full administration and management services for over 100 practices. It became the largest independent fundholding administration service in the UK during the Fundholding era. It ceased trading in 1999 at the end of Fundholding.

Fundholding put GPs in the forefront of the NHS.  GPs were given budgets, held by the local authoirty for thier patients care.  With this they purchased community care, outpatients, surgical procedures, and drug costs, inpatients and their own staff.   It did not include emergency services.  If saving made in any one area it could be used for another, and GPs could even use funds to improve thier own premises and staff.  That and the managment fee of £48,000 for 10,000 patients was the incentive.   The Fundholders' support agecny made savings for the NHS and practices by centralising the administrative services.  It also grouped together smaller practices to allow them to go fundholding.

FSA was a large data warehouse collecting data from the practices, coding and using double entry Fundhoding system (Microtest)

THE OLD AGENCY TEAM and services
Seven years' experience in innovative fundholding, starting with the first wave
Independent Agency
Professional management team
Full time medical input
Experienced accountant and financial input
Experienced data input team backed and validated by in-house doctors

Each fund (practice or group of practices) was administered and accounted for separately. The Agency was not a Multifund model, although the Fundholders, in localities, may have chosen to work together on specific community projects.

The Central Server computer system saved Health Authorities many £100k in computer costs alone in the first year.

Bronze Scheme
The fundamentals of fundholding:
Data collection, processing and recording;
Data management and reconciliation;
Day to day management and administration control;
Financial analysis, control and interpretation;
Audit and review.

Silver Scheme
The process of fundholding:
Bronze scheme, together with:
Preparing the commissioning plan;
Preparing the fund business plan, and;
Preparing the fund performance report.

Gold Scheme
Complete fundholding:
Silver scheme, together with:
Budget appraisal and negotiation;
Contract appraisal and negotiation.
The administration work is carried out centrally by our experienced team. Accuracy and consistency of data management is achieved in this way.

THE BENEFITS of Agency Approach

The only administration work that practises had to do is to pass the data to the Agency. The Agency does the rest - hassle free fundholding. Clinical responsibilities clearly remained with each practice as practice doctors decide where and whom to refer their patients to. We were developing a computerised scanning system to do this even quicker via our intranet.

The Agency carried out the data administration and management, reporting monthly to practices with fund results, graphical representations and summaries.

Each practice did not have to hand over precious office space, employ high quality fund personnel or become embroiled in fund paper work and bureaucracy.

For groups coming together, the Agency acted as an independent office and arbitrator.

This was based on a proportion of the management allowance, a figure that was partly capitation based. A group of practices with 10,000 patients would have attracted, for full fundholding about £48,000

Preparatory was much less
Live year
Standard Fundholding Community fundholding
% of Management Allowance

* Bronze Scheme 40% 40%

* Silver Scheme 50% 45%

* Gold Scheme 60% 50%

We paid VAT at the full rate. prices Inc VAT.

Redbridge & Waltham Forest Fundholders' Support Agency Limited

Company No. 2918357

Registered Office: 7 Bourne Court, Southend Road, Woodford Green Essex.
Why Practices should not have done it alone!
Why Practices should not have done it alone!

A cheaper Solution of Financial NHS Administration

  • Cheaper
  • Centralised Service
  • Arbitrators
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