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British Merchant Ship Denbighshire

Welcome to a Glen Line Archive and Links
Pictures of Glen Line's ship Denbighshire in 1966

Captain John Knox

Denbighshsire 1966

In the English Channel

Up to 16 Passengers +2 children

A double room

London Docks 1966

As seen from Denbighshire

Post Said Egypt 1966


Aden 1966



Denbighshire in Background

Aden Steamer Point 1966


Manila, Philippines 1966



Hong Kong 1966

Tied up by Holt's Warf

Lifeboat Practice

House Flag

Denbighshire was delivered in 1938 from Nederlandshe Amsterdam. She was 8,983 Tons gross. Cargo 14,700 T
She was part of the Malta Campaign 1942-41 part of convoys and but also made solo runs. She survived.  Glen Line lost three ships in WW2.  Breckonshire one of the ships that was also on the Malta run had a heroic end after the Battle of  Sirte Gulf, and was finally sunk at Malta after four hits from a German Ju 88.  Breckonshire was raised in 1957 taken in tow, upside down to Triest and scrapped there.
Denbighshire served with the pacific fleet in 1945, returned to commercial service in 1947. She was sold as scrap in 1969 after 28 years of service which was the longest of any Glen Ship.
(See Merchant Fleets:22 by Duncan Haws:  Glen and Shire Lines)
LINKS:   Apologies.   Nearly all of these links are now dead.  I needs to fix this (May 2020)
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