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Disposable Sterile Equipment in Primary Care

Go single use disposable. You can still use metal. The regulations on sterilisation are now sensible but onerous on G.P. practices. Vacuum sterilization is mandatory if equipment is bagged, or has a hole. One had to keep meticulous records of the sterilization process. The maintenance contracts are expensive. Links on the rules are below here  NHS Estates Decontamination  and   Cambridge and Peterborough Public Health Network (pdf)  Cleaning alone is time consuming.

As a result some practices have given up on doing any minor surgery or handling any minor injuries, to annoyance of our hospital colleagues.
Centralised CSSD solutions are expensive, as they have to include transport costs, and a lot of initial stock. Also there could be concerns still, especially for ENT work in using re-useable materials.

The maintenance contract for a sterilizer is over £500 a year for a machine (Little Sister) that is not up to the task. We decided to scrap in-house sterilization altogether. The costs of  disposable equipment for a small surgery of 2,600 patients a year will be in that order, or £100 more.

The decision was finally made when we saw the quality of single use disposable METAL minor surgery kits “Robinson Instrapac”. Order details below

Most of the disposable kit we use

Click on it to see for larger picture

A shame to bin them. but bin them you must. That's the whole point.

Click on picture to see close up

The full suture pack as it comes

Add one scalpel and that's all most G.P. need.

You can buy the individual bits such as scissors, forceps or as a pack with a sterile field. Plastic disposable forceps are horrid. The quality of the metalwork makes you feel indulgent throwing them away, but that is the whole point. Disposed, sterile and safe.
The standard suture pack has the metal kit:
1 Kilner Needle holder
1 iris stitch scissor
1 Treves toothed forceps
1 TOE forcep
3 non woven swabs
2 dressing towels
1 polypropylene tray with 2 pots

costs just £2.90 March 2005

We always used disposable scalpels.

Order the above from Robinsons Healthcare
Lawn Road/Carton Industrial Estate
Carlton in Lindrick Workshop S81 9LB
Tel 01909 735000
Fax 01909 731103         Quoting

The rest of the kits G.P. surgeries may need
Disposable plastic vaginal speculums £22.88 for 25
Uterine sounds £9.90 for 10
Scissors 222mm £9.50 for 5
The most expensive item is the trochar for oestrogen implants at £7.00 each


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