Primary Based Commisisoning 1998-2008

Dacorum Health

Dacorum Health Dacorum Health

These pages are an archive of the work involved in primary care commissioning around 2007, a decade ago.  Little has changed for the better.   So much, if not all was pointless, and now can be seen to be so.  No the work is under different names and logos in the never ending game of NHS musical chairs.

I do not think patients benefited from the waste of trees and all those meetings and talking shops.  

If you are looking for old DacCom PBC Document pages are

I have no idea why you would want to!

Dacorum Health experimental for a defunct  NHS Trust proposal pages are here.

Our old office is mainly made up of this documentation and Archway Surgery administration files, which we are now shredding and binning.   Pictures something of what is inside those files.

Click a picture to see a larger view if you can be so bothered.