Falkland Islands 2016  VP8PDP
Maritime Mobile Radio 2013 G3WIP/MM. (0 deg N-S-E-W)
Antarctica Casey Station 2012 and 2013 VK0GB

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From 15th February to 1st April 2016 I was in the Falklands as VP8DPD in Stanley. I am a doctor who happens to be a ham who goes to unusual places.  
These are not DXpeditions as such, as have a day and night job to attend to.
As it happens the day job was busier than I expected, with large Tourist ships visiting as well as Fishing vessels so was not on air that much

Condtions when I was there were not good, and the Vertical I took was not much good as most of Falklands is blown dry rock, so no decent ground plane.

Picture of part of a blow up globe

From 24th January to 11th February 2014 I was able to operate as
G3WIP/MM on the Titanium Explorer  going from Gulf of Mexico to Gabon
With kind permission of the Captain while we sailed across the Atlantic.  It would have been necessary to shut down for operational reasons at any time. Ship's safety, let alone my day (and night) job as ship's doctor took a priority at all times.

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Yeasu 857D and AT120 on wing of bridge 90ft ASL
That tiny vertical  worked astonishingly well as we had a good ground plane!
Worked a MW and then ZL station one after the other from 8degN 48degW.

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The wind and currents were against us at the start of the trip, but The Titanium Explorer did in the end sail across the equator at Greenwich (Prime) Meridian on Monday night 10th February 2014. We had good Royal Diamond Shellback QSOs (see this link about line-crossing). I believe this is an Radio Amateur first to have contacts at 0deg N-S E-W.   The stations worked ranged from from India through to South Africa and Canada, and not forgetting a surprised UK amateur who using his pedestrian mobile kit walking on Blackpool waterfront. We could give each other good reports with good copy.
Screen Shot    Bridge  

QSOs in progress

Titanium Explorer can be tracked by looking it up on Vessel Finder web sites.

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Amateur Radio Antarctica VK0GB
Casey              Casey                                                     

I was operating as VK0GB  from Casey Station Antarctica in 2012 and October and November 2013 I was hoping to be there until February, but this is Antarctica and unexpected happens
I flew out 2nd December.

Latitude (deg S): 66.2792; Longitude (deg E): 110.5356

F5PFP Medhi had kindly agreed to be my QSL manager.

I am G3WIP in the UK and in Australia VK4BGL, but I was hardly active since the 1970s, occassionaly I would be on 2 metres  This DX location callsign has brought me back to HF amateur radio, starting December 2012 when I came down for a summer season on RSV Aurora Australis.

#VK0GB operating on 20,18, 10 metres with occasional excursions to 15 and 40 metres is now QRT until further notice

— Dr Gerard Bulger (@gerardbulger) November 16, 2013
The kit I have is a Yaesu FT-857D and at Casey I used either of two vee half rhombics/sloping tiangles. The antennas are spare at the Casey receiver hut (it is really a DX/RX hut with VHF marine repeater gear) which is just over 1km away from the station.  Last season I walked to the hut there and back to make any calls and have any QSOs, but this 2013/14 season I was be able to be on air a little more often as I set up a remote rig using VOIP and front panel control, (www.remoterig.com) using the fibre cable that runs to the hut.  I could also switch antennas remotely.

I announced that I was on on via DXSUMMIT (DXcluster)

Being at the pointed end of DX pile-ups was a shock, espcially as when I was last this active was when the Internet did not exist.   I had not even used electronic logging before.

My day and night job there as the doctor on station would ALWAYS come first so I can never promise too much activity. These are not DXpeditions as such.

More of Casey here  
thanks to French Polar Team

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Casey Station            Receiver Hut                     Inside               Wire Fed Antenna  

Loop last year              View from Rx hut

     Filed Trips                                                Most of Antarctica


At KC4USV McMurdo    View Hut point McMurdo  

Discovery(Scott) Hut    Inside mcMurdo KC4USV

73s Gerry   VK0GB