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McDonald's in Hornchurch Essex, on the corner of Abbs Cross Lane Hornchurch RM12 4
1st February 2006.  Our findings:
Click on the pictures for an enlarged view to treasure.

MacDonalds Hornchurch

Nice slippery floor, unlceared clutter

Fag break

Mess all over the place, but we have our priorities

Female Loo

Not touched. The worker even went into the loo area before her fag break, but left this as it shown


Wet and slippery

Gents' loo

Blocked and stank

Tired after a meeting we dropped in there at 8.50 on 1st February 2006, on our way home. Ideal time for a McDonald's.

We do not buy into the idea that McDonalds food is bad for you at all.  Too much of anything is not a good idea.  The whole point of McDonald's is rapid access to fast nutritious filling food in a clean environment.

We found this McDonald's, at this time and place, to be a nasty dump.  Its not the fat intake of such a meal that would kill us, but the real risk was from the possible infections we could pick up or from falling on the wet floor.  If the staff could not be bothered to keep clean what we could see..... heaven knows what was going on in the kitchen area. The food will not kill you; the staff might.

Asking for what was on the menu, a bacon burger, was not appreciated by the sultry staff.  No longer to we have Peter Seller's "its off dear" in "Balham Gateway to the South"   Now Team Members demand customer  respect by way of behind the counter rolling the eyes, deep sighs, look aggressive and contemptuous, while announcing that that burger we want will take "well over 5 minutes".  So we take the cooling hamburgers offered.  The chips were cool and getting soggy to boot. 

Complaining there and then was thought to be a bit iffy.  We got bad enough Paddington Stares taking the pictures whilst making our exit. The hot chocolate was nice, but not carton was not full as we were given the last of the batch.

Well at least McDonald's loos are OK.  Nope.  Not on this day in this place.

Meanwhile a member of staff was outside taking her fag break.

The reason why I am driven to this blog is because McDonald's do not have a web feedback page for UK customers.  There is no mechanism to post this to them.  They want me to ring in.  And to whom shall I manage to contact I wonder?

Perhaps they will contact us